Common Questions TGA approved CGRP Blocking Injection therapy

What is CGRP?

Calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP) is a neuropeptide associated with the development of migraine. It is felt to be involved in dilation of cerebral blood vessels, release of inflammation and transmission of nervous system pain pathways

What happens to CGRP levels during a migraine?

CGRP levels have been shown to increase significantly during a migraine and return to normal with migraine relief.

What is the new TGA approved therapy for migraines?

The therapy is a 100% human monoclonal antibody that blocks the activation of the CGRP receptor. The medication has been developed specifically for the prophylaxis of migraine in adults.

When will this CGRP targeting drug be available?

Whilst this drug has been TGA approved, it is not currently available on the PBS. There is however the availability of a 3 month trial of the medication, with the option, in the event of beneficial effect, of purchasing ongoing supply privately. Suitability criteria do apply however, and a Neurological assessment is required to assess for eligibility.