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Welcome to Migraine Specialist Brisbane

Migraine is a debilitating neurological condition that affects approximately 3.5 million Australians. Nearly all people who suffer from migraine report a reduction in social activities and work capacity. Migraine specialist was created with the goal of increasing awareness of the condition, as well as to provide approved treatments for sufferers.

Our dedicated Headache and Migraine Treatment Clinic offers patients Headache Specialist General Practitioner, Specialist Neurologist and Headache Nurse Specialist support, as well as access to PBS and Medicare approved treatments for migraine.

Patients will experience a unique migraine treatment journey, with individually adapted therapeutic plans put in place. Each patient is comprehensively assessed, and patient education and ongoing support is provided.

On a personal note, many members of our team also suffer from this condition, and are all too aware of the impact of the headaches and migraines on a person’s ability to perform daily activities, as well as participate fully within family and professional life.

Our Team

Dr Nicole Limberg MBBS, FRACP

Neurologist and Director of Migraine Specialist

Dr Nicole Limberg is a Neurologist and the Director of Migraine Specialist in Spring Hill, Brisbane. The clinic is the largest dedicated headache clinic in QLD, and specializes in the treatment of chronic migraines, including the provision of injection therapy. Dr Limberg has participated as an investigator in further research of chronic migraine therapy. Most recently, data from her clinic has contributed to a retrospective chart review for the efficacy of injection therapy for the prophylaxis of chronic migraine in Australian clinical practice.

Dr Limberg provides training and education on the topic of chronic migraine therapy to her medical colleagues. She was recently selected to be part of an international mentor scheme in this capacity. She is also dedicated to improved patient education of the condition, and regularly contributes to a blog on this website, which Feedspot voted in the Top 50 Migraine Blogs and Websites to follow in 2018.

Dr Limberg is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists (ANZAN), as well as the Australian and New Zealand Headache Society (ANZHS). More recently she successfully completed the ANZHS, in collaboration with the International Headache Society (IHS), Headache Master School.

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