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Preventative Therapy for Chronic Migraines

  How do I know if I need it?  There are two type of migraine –Episodic migraine and Chronic Migraine. Each of these subtypes are determined by the frequency of headache days. Chronic Migraine occurs when patients suffer headaches on at least 15 days of the month, with migraine on at least 8 of those […]

What is Medication Overuse Headache (MOH)? – Part 2

Management of MOH Withdrawal of the acute medications is the essential treatment of MOHs. Certainly, in most cases, this a challenging task and requires a very motivated patient. Drug withdrawal can be undertaken by a GP in patients who overuse triptans or other single drugs, excluding opioids. Certain medications may be used to help patients […]

Migraine Specialist opens in Brisbane

Migraine Specialist was founded due to the need of migraine sufferers to find a therapy that could aid their debilitating illness.  There are almost two million migraine sufferers in Australia with females more likely to suffer them than males.  Our Neurologist, Dr Nicole Limberg, has extensive experience in treating chronic migraines and can offer treatments that are both Medicare […]